What is a channeled message from the crystal?

What is a channeled message?

I get this question a lot.
Did you know that crystals are kind of like living beings on Earth? If you take a close look at their atomic structure, you’ll notice they’re made up of really cool shapes and patterns that remind us of the universe’s organization and connection. It’s pretty amazing!
Crystals have their own unique vibration and energy. As a psychic, I can connect to that energy and relay the information the crystal holds for you.
A channeled message is a message that is coming from the crystal to its new owner.

I receive the information in the form of vivid images. It can be any general message on what is relevant for you at this time, major blocks that you are facing, lessons from your past lives, or even messages from your spirit guide.
I once Channeled messages from six different crystal pendants for a client, and each message was unique and powerful. After the session, the client confirmed that everything I channeled was spot-on and useful.

Reading is only upon request since I need your permission to do that, and it takes me a lot of time and energy.
So if you ever want to receive a personalized crystal reading, simply choose a pendant that speaks to you and send me a message. After crystal channeling, I will write it down and include a personalized note with your package.

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