Channeling Crystals


     Every crystal is alive. Did you know that stones showcase vital activity like other organisms on earth? They hold a specific vibration and energy. Crystal atomic structure is so beautifully reminiscent of sacred geometry, divine organization, and inter-connection.
      I tune to this energy and listen. Sometimes I ask questions: what is the new owner need to know at this time? How can the crystal assist its new owner?
       The information that comes through me is incredible and almost always related to the new owner’s urgent matter. I can see images, feelings, sounds, and energy waves. The Hardest part is interpretation. Unfortunately, the English language is limited, and I’m trying my best to put everything into paper.
       One time I was channeling messages from 6 separate crystal pendants for one client. All messages were different and profound. I also got validation from that client that everything I channeled was accurate and helpful.
       So if you want to personalize crystal channeling with your next purchase, go and grab the pendant you like and make a note that you want to know your crystal more. 

Channeling Crystals
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Channeling Crystals
You will fing out about what Channeling Crystals is and how it can help you.
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