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How to spot real Moldavite online.

Moldavite is a powerful transformational stone. Found only in one place on Earth – the Czech Republic is a glass formation that resulted from a meteorite collision 14.8 million years ago.

Finding a real Moldavite stone in the market is challenging, And I can feel your pain. But do not worry; I’m here to help!

Let’s talk about whether your Moldavite is real or not.

5 points on how you can identify a real Moldavite.

1. Location


I would suggest you ask about the origin (location) and year of discovery of the stone to ensure its authenticity. Due to governmental regulations for land protection, mining of Moldavite is now illegal. Therefore, if the seller responds with “from the mine,” it is likely, not genuine. The only way to collect it now is by finding it in the field without excavation.

The seller from India answered this question: “It is coming from my friend; he told me it is read” LOL.

It’s important to note that Moldavite doesn’t originate from India or China. Any crystals claimed to be from these locations is a counterfeit. It’s relatively easy to distinguish a genuine piece from a fake one by examining the Moldavite more closely under a microscope. And I will show you how.


2. Price


Depending on the size of the Moldavite, damaged or not, shape, and color, the price may vary between 25-60$ per gram per regular Moldavite and 100$+/gram per top quality one.

You cannot trust the seller who is offering you a 2-gram Moldavite crystal for only $15!

The most affordable Moldavite crystal I’ve come across was priced at 17 Euros per gram, sold by a seller from the Czech Republic. However, the seller agreed to sell at this price only if I purchased all the crystals they had found on that particular day. The stones were unclean, straight from the ground, and not suitable for jewelry-making due to their shape.

In my opinion, the priciest Moldavite stones originate from the Bohemia region. These specimens are typically flat with needle-like protrusions on their sides, resembling a hedgehog. A single crystal from this region can cost several thousands of dollars.


3. Real Moldavite Color


Moldavite is typically found in shades of deep green, light green, dark green, and olive, although I have seen some dark olive specimens appearing close to brown. It’s important to note that any crystal with grey, red, blue, black, purple, or yellow colors is fake stone. Additionally, It is recognized for its transparency, allowing abundant light to pass through it.


4. Appearance


Moldavite stones are all unique, displaying varying shapes such as spherical, teardrop, curved, or leaf-shaped. In addition, they can have distinct features such as internal holes, curves, channels, or needle-like protrusions, making each stone an individual masterpiece of nature.

However, all Moldavite stones share some characteristics, including craters on their surfaces, tiny air bubbles and sand particles trapped inside, as well as tiny worm-like structures that are only visible under a microscope.


5. Trusted sellers


Buying from a reputable and trustworthy seller, such as Polina Jewelry, who can provide detailed information on its origin, is crucial when purchasing Moldavite. Be sure to consider all the factors discussed above before making your purchase to ensure that you are buying an authentic and valuable specimen.

It is essential to understand that a certificate of authenticity does not guarantee that you are purchasing a natural Crystal. Many sellers on Instagram or Etsy may offer a certificate of authenticity from unknown laboratories with crystal numbers, which may not provide any reliable information on the crystal’s authenticity. Therefore, it is crucial to rely on other indicators of a trustworthy seller, such as their reputation, reviews, and knowledge of the Moldavite’s origin and characteristics.

If you what to get a real Moldavite 100%, you would suggest you shop at Moldavite Museum in the Czech Republic. While they have a wide variety of crystals available for purchase online, be prepared to spend a significant amount of money there.


I hope you found this information useful in your search for a real Moldavite. It is essential to be cautious when purchasing such a valuable crystal and to ensure that you are buying from a reputable seller. Do your research and take into consideration factors such as the origin, color, shape, and structure of the crystal. Remember that a certificate of authenticity is not always a reliable indicator of a real deal. Instead, look for a seller with a solid reputation, positive reviews, and extensive knowledge. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best of luck and Shop Real Moldavite here.

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