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3 Ways How to Work with Crystals

 You are already an expert in meditating, but did you try to meditate with crystal, or wear crystal jewelry? So grab your favorite crystal, and let’s discuss what we can do with it.

 Top 3 ways to work with crystal.

You guessed it right. The first one is

Meditating with crystal

Crystals have also been used for centuries to enhance meditation. Their vibrations can positively affect your own energy fields. 

So how to meditate with crystal?

  1. Choose a crystal that resonates with you
  2. Find a quiet and comfortable space
  3. Hold your crystal in your hand or place it on your chakra
  4. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, focusing on the sensation of the crystal
  5. Visualize its energy flowing through you
  6. Listen! Your spirit guide might step out and relay the message for you, or you may see images from your past lifetime.
  7. After your meditation, take a moment to journal about your experience

And remember, each experience is different. When practicing every day, crystals can be a powerful tool for your awakening, healing, and telepathy.

One of the best crystals to meditate with is Angel Chime Moldavite. Check out available crystals here.

You might guess next one.

Moldavite jewelry

Wearing crystal jewelry.

Wearing crystals as jewelry is one of the best ways to incorporate their energy into daily life. 

But first things first, crystal jewelry is beautiful. Wearing them will enhance your personal style and make a statement about your spirituality and individuality.

Different crystal jewelry will serve you a different purpose. For instance,

  • Labradorite will enhance your intuition and spiritual awareness,
  • Black Onyx will protect you against negative energy,
  • Larimar will reduce stress and anxiety,
  • Rose Quartz will balance your emotions,
  • Moldavite will direct you back into your path, and
  • Herkimer Diamond enhances properties of others crystals.

You are not required to meditate or do something specific with crystal jewelry. By just wearing them, you contribute to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

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And this last one is… 

essential oil

Crystal-infused essential oil.


Now imagine the same crystal energy but in a jar, and even more incredible, enhanced with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. 

The crystal-infused essential oil can carry the energy of the crystals and enhance their effects on our energy fields.

Working in synergy, crystals will amplify the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. 

For example, Moldavite with Herkimer oil which contains peppermint is suitable for muscle tension and pain relief. Meanwhile, Crystals will stimulate your pineal gland, raise vibration, and release stress and energy blockage.  

Lets Vote! Which of 3 ways to work with crystal is your favorite? 

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 Top 3 ways to work with crystal.
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 Top 3 ways to work with crystal.
There are 3 ways to work with crystals: Meditate with crystal, rear it as a jewelry and use crystal-infused essential oil.
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