Moldavite Q&A

Moldavite Q&A

Where is the best Moldavite from?

The best Moldavite deposits are located in the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, specifically around the town of Besednice. However, Moldavite can also be found in other parts of the Czech Republic and neighboring countries such as Germany and Austria.
It’s important to note that the quality of Moldavite can vary widely depending on factors such as its color, clarity, texture, and size.

How much is 1g of moldavite?

The price of Moldavite can vary widely depending on its quality, location, size, and rarity. The price of Moldavite ranged from around $20 per gram for lower-quality pieces to over $80 per gram for high-quality. Rare, collectible specimens of hedgehog Moldavite can be sold for around 500$ per.

How much should you pay for Moldavite?

It depends on what you are buying. If it is a raw crystal for awakening and healing, you should pay around 25-35$ per gram. If it is a piece of jewelry, the price for a simple pendant may start from 100$ and up. Everything here depends on the design, materials, and artist. A lovely jewel may cost hundreds or even thoughts of dollars.
Moldavite Carvings are usually made out of low-quality chipped Moldavite, but it is the lapidary artist who adds value to it. Prices start at around 500$ per carving.

How can you tell a real moldavite from a fake moldavite?

It is a complex question. The short answer is by color, form, location of found, seller, inner inclusion.
The color should be light green, olive green, light green, and bottle green.
The most beautiful and expensive Moldavite from the South Bohemian region has around 1-2 mm needles, which reminds of a hedgehog. Moldavite also can be flat, teardrop, or curved with different channels and creators on the surface.
Moldavite was only found in the Czech Republic. Never buy Moldavite from China, India, or Indonesia. Shop only with trusted and reputable sellers.
Moldavite has a lot of inclusions. The most notable are bubbles of air and send particles.


How much Moldavite is left in the world?

The exact amount of Moldavite left in the world is difficult to determine as it is a naturally occurring mineral and the total amount is unknown. However, the total amount of Moldavite scattered around the globe is estimated to be 275 tonnes.


Is Moldavite still being mined 2023?

Mining Moldavite is stopped because it becomes illegal to dig it from the ground. It makes prices go high, and quantity goes low. Also, it increases fakes in the market. But how new the real Moldavite comes to market every year?
There are a lot of individuals collector that go looking for Moldavite in the field and forest. You cannot dig, but you can collect it from the ground.


What is the largest Moldavite ever found?

The biggest Moldavite in the world weighs an unbelievable 265.5g (1327.5 ct). It was found in Moravia in Slavice.


Is Moldavite unethical?

Moldavites are highly valued by collectors worldwide. These conditions have given rise to groups dedicated to illegally mining moldavites which are then sold at shows or online. Not caring about anything but the continuation of their business these groups leave landscapes marred by holes and fallen trees in their wake.
Several of the best moldavite sites are now mined by private companies under various conditions – some claim to be mining gravels and moldavites are a byproduct, some are mining moldavites to protect them. Despite wild claims about saving moldavites and landscape by legal mining by the government, Mining Bureau and landowners, this legal mining is considered highly unethical and controversial by many specialists.
I would suggest to by Moldavite from locals who collect it at the field.


Is Moldavite rare than diamonds?

Yes. Each year roughly 30 tons of Diamonds are mined. Our planet is abandoned with diamonds. It is a monopoly on the market that artificially makes it so expensive.
Moldavite have been formed from a meteorite impact ONLY in the Czech Republic approximately 15 million years ago. There is no more of Moldavirte found anywhere.
Deposit of Moldavite is limited, and the rough figure of 300 tons of Moldavite in total is now in collectors and jewelry worldwide, which makes it rare then Diamond.

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