Moldavite silver pendant

5 Ways to Style Crystal Jewelry

5 Ways to Style Crystal Jewelry


Crystal jewelry goes well with many outfits, whether you like a more edgy look or an elegant one.

Moldavite silver pendant

Crystals can emit powerful vibrations that can assist you in various ways. They can help you:

  • find grounding,
  • facilitate physical and emotional healing,
  • establish a connection with your spirit guides,
  • protect against psychic attacks,
  • unveil your soul mission and much more.

The profound properties of crystals offer a wide range of benefits and opportunities for your personal growth.

Crystal Jewelry can be a wonderful accessory to style your outfits.

moldavite earrings

         1. Get the Crystal Earrings.

Whether you prefer a maximalist or minimalistic look, earrings are a fantastic accessory.
It’s best to opt for earrings suitable for you that frame your face and goes well with your makeup, hair, eye color, and skin color.
Here’s a top tip: try wearing your hair down with a crystal dangle or teardrop earrings with a massive bun (for a more relaxed and casual look).

      2. Add Chain Layers.

If you haven’t experimented with chain layering before, you can start by wearing a few chains with smaller crystals.
To avoid a “cluttered” look, consider wearing a single larger crystal within one of the chains while layering the rest with smaller crystals.
As long as you coordinate with your outfit, you’re going to wear the ultimate trendy look.

Larimar silver ring

       3. Turn Basic Into Stylish with crystal jewelry.

One of the easiest ways to turn the most basic look into an eye-catching one is by adding colorful jewelry. For instance, a Blue Larimar ring in Sterling Silver looks fantastic over a white blouse with denim shorts.
You may consider getting a matching pendant or bracelet to complete the look.

   4. Add Elegance with Delicate Pieces.

Sometimes, you want to keep your outfit as the main focus of your look and not your handmade crystal jewelry.
A tiny bit of color and sparkle in the right places is enough to make a statement. For instance, an Ethiopian opal necklace is enough to complete a more sophisticated look.
If you’re not into necklaces, Mexican opal silver rings can be fantastic to add a bit of color and shine to your cocktail dress.

Moldavite tree of life

    5. Be Bold: Mix Different Crystals.

Since the ”fashion rules” no longer care whether we mix gold and silver, the same rule applies to crystals.
Your accessory is a piece of healing crystal jewelry, so think of the potential each real crystal can bring.
For instance, Moldavite and Herkimer Diamond are high vibrational stones that enhance the visual aspect of meditation. The balancing properties between these two help to find direction and attain inner peace.

Moldavite jewelry

Crystal Jewelry: Timeless and Beautiful

A piece of handmade gemstone jewelry can be a timeless accessory, even though it’s considered ”trendy” now.
Dressing up is meant to be fun. Enjoy styling your outfits with beautifully natural crystal jewelry and leverage the healing properties.

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