After moving from Ukraine, I was fortunate enough to stay home and see how my kids were growing. Right before going back to work in big tech, I understood that the biggest value for me is family, freedom and creativity. At that time, I already had a collection of crystals and started reinventing my psychic abilities. 

Working with crystals, I discover that every one of them holds a high vibrational frequency and can help you learn your life lesson, discover your path, communicate with Spirit guides, develop your psychic ability, protect you, ground, bring love, abundance, and many more. 

I carried a lot of crystals in my pocket, and I thought that it must be a better way to bring the healing energy of crystals into one’s life.

That is how Polina Jewelry was created. 

Growing up as a child, I was pretty much tuned to nature and my psychic abilities. I had to shut them down because of the limitations my religious parents put on me. I reinvented my abilities and started to channel crystal jewelry for my clients.

 People love receiving a special message from their crystal or guardian angels. I offered it at no cost, even though it took me around 30 minutes to channel. 

Moldavite jewelry

I find that all crystals can benefit you in one what or another, but the most intense and powerful are Moldavite and Opal. 

I love working with their energy and seeing how it transforms my clients’ life. I am passionate about working with gold and silver and creating beautiful rings, necklaces, and earrings for a more intentional and happy life. 

Check out my new collection here.

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