Fire Opal with Opalized Wood earrings

Day 1 of Metalsmith challenge

I stumbled upon 7 pairs of stunning Indonesian crystals and had the idea of making earrings out of them. But to spice things up I decided to do a 7-day earrings challenge. Here’s how the challenge will unfold:

First, I made several designs and picked one for each pair.

Second, I’ve gathered all the essential materials and tools required for this project.

Third, over the next week, my goal is to craft a unique pair of earrings each day.

So let’s start.


Day 1 of the MetalSmith Challenge: 🛠️


Today I was making Opalized Wood with Mexican Opal earrings. And from the start, this project was a bit of a challenge.

Fire Opal with Opalized Wood


The energy of these crystals was intense.

The Fire Mexican Opal overflows with creativity, self-discovery, and passion.

On the other hand, Opalized Wood felt peaceful and balanced, it will help you find inner peace and stay grounded.

When these two crystals are together, they create harmony. They balance the fiery energy with a calm and grounded feeling.

Because it was my first day, I made a lot of mistakes:

I  overheated the metal and melted my setting. and when setting Opal I pushed too hard and broke the earrings.

I learn my lesson the hard way and had to remake the same earring 2 times from start to finish. But they say it is how we grow. Right?

See the full video on how I made this beautiful pair of earrings on Instagram.

And if you want this Fire Mexican Opal and Opalized Wood pair of earrings you can buy them here.

Fire Opal with Opalized Wood earrings

Stay tuned for Day 2 of the challenge!

Tomorrow promises another exciting journey.


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