Lace Agate with Strawberry Quartz Crescent pendant


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Indonesian Lace Agate with Strawberry Quartz wire wrapped in copper by hand. Size 1.2*2.9 inches. Comes with a copper chain. Agate is ethically sourced in Indonesia.

Orange agate is a crystal that’s all about energy, enthusiasm, and positivity. It’s thought to boost your creative spirit and make you feel more cheerful and lively. So, it’s like a little burst of happiness in a stone!

Strawberry quartz is a crystal associated with love, harmony, and balance. It’s often used to enhance feelings of love and compassion in relationships, as well as to promote overall emotional well-being. The reddish-pink specks or inclusions within the quartz are thought to resemble the seeds of strawberries, which adds to its symbolism of love and nurturing energy. Strawberry quartz is also used for grounding and balancing one’s energy.

A channeled message from the Indonesian Lace Agate with Strawberry Quartz pendant is optional, but highly recommended! Learn more about crystal channeling here

Send me a message about what length of the copper chain you would like 18′ or 24′.

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 1.2 × 2.9 in
Chain length

18 in, 24 in

Chain metal



Orange, Pink, Yellow


Lace Agate, quartz

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