Labradorite with Moldavite Tree of Life Pendant


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This labradorite with Moldavite pendant is handmade and comes with a complimentary copper chain.

Moldavite is authentic from Chlum, Czeck Republic, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Moldavite was found in 2023 year.

Labradorite offers a powerful shield for the energy body, effectively protecting the bearer from external negative energies.

In addition to its protective qualities, Labradorite possesses a remarkable ability to access ancient knowledge. This attribute aids in various aspects of personal growth, such as spiritual awakening, self-discovery, and heightened intuition. The gemstone serves as a key to unlocking psychic abilities and embarking on vision quests, enabling communication with other realms and spirit guides.

Labradorite finds practical applications in therapeutic practices related to past life recall, memory retrieval, and inner conscious exploration. It supports individuals dealing with complex social anxieties, providing assistance to the mind in navigating such intricate situations.

One of Labradorite’s notable effects is the significant reduction of stress in crowded environments. It empowers the holder to maintain focus on their own inner calm and positive energy, amidst the chaos of busy surroundings.

While not traditionally associated with a specific chakra, Labradorite has the potential to cleanse and balance the throat chakra, promoting a harmonious flow of energy in this vital center.

You can read more about Moldavite here.

A channeled message from the stone is optional, but highly recommended!
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