Dendritic Opal with Cat’s Eye bead Crescent pendant


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Dendritic Opal with Cat’s Eye bead wire wrapped in copper by hand. Size 1.2*2.5 inches. Comes with a copper chain. Opal is ethically sourced in Indonesia.

Dendritic Opal is a powerful stone for spiritual growth, connecting you to New Earth frequencies and 5D energies. It’s known as a Shaman Stone, enabling you to delve into universal energies and integrate both light and dark aspects of yourself, guiding you to your highest path.

Ideal for psychic channelers, mystics, and spiritual explorers, Dendritic Opal enhances deep meditation and intuition, bringing spiritual guides and synchronicity into your life. It’s especially beneficial during the “dark night of the soul,” a transitional phase before awakening to your inner truth.

A channeled message from the Dendritic Opal with Cat’s Eye bead pendant is optional, but highly recommended! Learn more about crystal channeling here

Send me a message about what length of the copper chain you would like 18′ or 24′.

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 1.2 × 2.5 in
Chain length

18 in, 24 in

Chain metal



Black, Blue, White


Dendritic Opal

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